Phono cables for sale.
Graham IC-30   $275

Graham IC-30 phono cable 5 ft. DIN to RCA connectors.
 Perfect condition. 

$750 MSRP    
Straight Wire     $150

Straight Wire 1m (3ft). DIN to RCA with ground cable attached.
Perfect condition.

MSRP $500 
Discwasher Gold          $70

Discwasher Gold phono cable 1M (3ft). RCA to RCA with ground cable. Very good condition .

MSRP $150    
Ocellia Reference DIN-RCA        $650   

Ocellia Reference phono cable  1.2m (4ft). DIN to RCA connectors with ground cable in perfect condition with original leather pouch.

This is my second best sounding phono cable at any price. 

$1400 MSRP 
Yamaha balanced cable    $150

 Yamaha balanced phono cable 4ft. DIN to XLR with ground cable.
Very good condition.
MSRP  $??   
Wireworl GE    $175    

Wireworld GE phono cable 2.5ft . DIN to RCA with ground cable with original locking CMC  connectors.
Very good condition.

MSRP $900  
Dynavector DV-505   $100

Dynavector DV-505 phono cable 3ft. DIN to RCA with ground cable.
Perfect condition NEW.

MSRP $400 
Graham IC-30     $250

Graham IC-30 phono cable 1m (3ft). DIN to RCA with ground cable. Perfect condition.

$650 MSRP  
Mob Squad / Cardas phono box    $120

Mob Squad phono cable box. DIN to RCA female. Accepts any RCA cables.
Perfect condition.
MSRP $??
SME  III tonearm cable RCA-RCA     $50

SME Type III phono cable RCA-RCA 2 ft

MSRP: $300
Jakutis Black Stork turntable and Jakutis 12" tonearm

This is premier top of the Jakutis production combo. The Jakutis is turntable manufacturer from Lithuania. It is closely affiliated to Reed and has Reed's legendary quality of craftsmanship.

The table can be used without the 30 inch high stand or with it. The soundwise is similar, just the design and room availability will define the placement.
 The table is 200Lb heavy and made to withhold the nuclear blast. The Italian granite base, the unique designed magnetic bearing isolate any possible vibration or distortion from outside. Even sound waves from speakers brake into solid attitude of Jakutis black Stork. The separate motor and separate controller assures the stability of platter rotation. The adjustable arm base can operate with 9"-12" tonearms. The solid 3 Lb granite composite pack flatten any warp and eliminate vibration as well.
AS I mention the craftsmanship of the table is as close to perfection as it could be. I owned more then 100 high end turntable and this one is the best sounding so far. The performance by the price is absolutely the best.

Shipping is in 3 boxes. Total 250 Lb

New: $15,000

Sell: $4,500
Cary Audio PH-1 phono preamplifier                                                                              

Cary Audio PH-1 all tube Phono Stage is Moving Magnet / High Output Moving Coil - 38 dB gain .
The PH-1 is a class A single-ended triode phono equalizer. The RIAA equalization curve is derived 
from a passive RC circuit located between two 6SL7 gain stages. The signal is then direct coupled

to a low impedance 12AU7 buffer output stage. The PH-1 is set at 47k impedance and has a fixed
gain of 38 db, suitable for moving magnet and high output moving coils.
The preamp is in perfect  condition. This is factory assembled unit, not a kit production.

Rega RB 2500 tonearm with upgraded Descadel cables

Rega RB 250 tonearm in 9 inch length with upgraded $350 Discadel cables. The arm, cables are in perfect operational and cosmetic condition.

Shipping inside USA is $15
Shipping anywhere in the world $37

Sell: $250
Grace G-707 Quad-master tonearm

Grace G-707 Quad-master tonearm in 9 inch length with box and cables. The arm, box and cables are in perfect operational and cosmetic condition.
Shipping inside USA is $15
Shipping anywhere in the world $37

Sell: $300
Hagerman Audio Labs. Trupet phono preamplifier                                                                              Hagerman Audio Labs Trumpet. The original trumpet has 2 tier design and was
mounted inside wooden crate. Few of Trumpet were made to a higher standards
with upgraded parts and choice of RCA/XLR balanced output. Jim never put this
design for mass production, because of cost and time to produce these.
Only 3 were made to special orders.

From my personal experience I would be placing this in the top 5 best MM phono
I've ever auditioned at any price.                          

New: $7000
Sell: $2600

Shipping $25 inside USA; $70 around the globe.
Nottingham HyperSpace turntable with FR-64F tonearm

Nottingham HyperSpace turntable with Fidelity Research FR 64F tonearm for sale.
 The Nottingham Hyper Space turntable with ferrit composite platter extension
and Fidelity Research FR 64f tonearm installed. The table has one of the best bearing
in the business. This generates smooth rotation and dark-dead quiet background. 
The table is in perfect operational and cosmetic condition. 

Shipping inside USA is $70-130
Shipping anywhere in the world $265-$370

Sell $3750
Graft / Micro Seiki carbon fibre 13 inch tonearm Descadel wires 

 The arm was fitted on my table directly to RCA plugs I can use cables of my choice. I purchased the arm for Italian custom MONOlite table 5 years ago and used it in and out for at least half a year. Out of the closet and quite dusty as you can see. The table is gone and no need for arm now. 

 The arm is great tracker, very quiet and has sound stage weder than any of the arms I've heard. When I first installed it I got the impression that some of the instruments are playing on my balcony and in a hallway. I actually experimented opening the balcony and close to see how it changes the sounds.
I have box, but no base or papers or original cable. 

 Sell: $975

Shipping inside USA is $30
 Shipping anywhere in the world $65

VPI HW-19 turntable Well Tempered tonearm

VPI HW-19 heavily upgraded. New platter, plinth damping heavy led isolation, Well Tempered tonearm. The table is in good operational and cosmetic condition. Cover is clean- needs usual little buffing. When ship- will drain silicone from well- you need to get your own supply. Plenty of silicone on ebay and net- $5-$10 top. 

Sell: $1050

Shipping $47 USA, Europe $123, Asia $147. Shipping to Canada is $88.

                  Forsell Air Reference turntable                                                    Graham Robin tonearm         
              Moscode Super It phono preamp                                                       Aidas AS-1 phono preamp direct drive
                  Graham IC-70 Silver phono DIN-RCA                                                   KImber TAK Ag phono DIN-RCA
                                                                                                                    Kiseki Tonearm