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New inventory information ONLY
   Linn Arkiv
Linn Arkiv for sale.
 This is low output MC type.
 Cartridge has 20 hours with new  cantilever/stylus made by NAmiki-Adamant Japan.
Sell: $700
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Accuphase AC-1

Accuphase AC-1 phono cartridge LOMC. This is brnad new cantilever/stylus tuning from Namiki Japan.
Output: 0.2 mV
Tracks: 1.5-2.0 g
Loads: 4 Ohms
Unloads: 4 Ohms
Compliance: 12

Sell $550
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Audiocraft AC-05M

Audiocraft AC-05M is a pride of Japanese craftsmanship. The My Sonic Labs and Haniwa are the two brands that are in production these days that came out of Audiocraft cartridges. Nice silver-sparcley finish with 300 hours and Audiocraft shell.

Sell: $650
Denon DL-107
The Denon DL-107 is Denon's finest MM cartridge produced in the Golden Age of vinyl. It was and it still is the benchmark of quality for any MM cartridge.  The cartridge has 200 hours and is in MINT condition.
Sell: $175
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Zyx R100 / ZN
ZYX R100 phono cartridge for sale. The cartridge was Namiki Japan rebuild and has brand new original ZYX boron cantilever and stylus. 5 Hours of check play only. The cartridge comes with all boxes and goods.
Sell: $750
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Koetsu Rosewood           SOLD
Koetsu Rosewood as new with 20 hour only.
All mint. Box is OK.
Sell: $1350
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 Audiotechnica AT-37E
Audiotechnica AT-37E phono cartridge for sale. The cartridge is in perfect operational and cosmetic condition. It has 50 hours of play time only. The cartridge performs as it should with great tracking, deepest dynamic base and liquid mids. 
The cartridge comes with the Uoriginal boxes, stylus cover and mounting ware.

Sell: $500
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Grado The Reference       

This is top of Grado line with all superior Moving Iron attributes.
The cartridge is in perfect operational and cosmetic condition with 150 hours. All boxes, papers, mounting ware included.
·  Frequency Response 10Hz-60 kHz
·  Principal MI
·  Channel Separation at 1KHz 40
·  Input Load 47K
·  Output 4.0mV
·  Recommended Tracking Force 1.5 g
·  Inductance 45mH
·  Compliance CUs 20  
New: $1800
Sell:  $525
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Shure V15 type V MR with SAS boron stylus
Shure V15 V MR with SAS boron micro ridge stylus MINT- 5 hours on the stylus. Comes with Shure boxes and papers.
Sell: $450

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Clearaudio Virtuoso Ebony wood              

Clearaudio Virtuoso ebony wood phono cartridge. This is brand new with 10 hours -show demo.

Sell: $375
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Accuphase AC-2 boron cantilever 10 hours

Accuphase AC-2 is the pride of Japanes craftsmanship. It is on the list of best cartridges I've ever own.
 The cartidge has brand new stylus/cantilever/suspension from Namiki Japan and sounds even more dynamic , base oriented and spacious than original.

Sell: $575

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Grado Reference Master

Grado Reference Master- second highest in Grado food chain.
 It is in perfect condition
50 hours only.
 I don't own the original box , but will supply the wooden box for safe keeping.

Sell: $450
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Yamaha MC-101

Yamaha MC-101 is rare premier MC cartridge with beryllium tapered cantilever and special elliptical stylus. The cartridge is near new with only 50 hours of play time. Tracks and sounds superb.

Sell: $275
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