Forsell Air Reference turntable and Forsell air tangent tonearm                    SOLD

This amazing combo is aired all around. The airbearing works flawlessly. Air Tangent arm quality is legendary. The table is as silent as turntable can be. All functions work.
I have the original pumps and all original peripheral devises and tubes. The original shipping box is in good condition as well.

The table is 60 Lb packed properly. So expect shipping charges.

New: $20,000

Sell: $3700
Jakutis Black Stork turntable and Jakutis 12" tonearm

This is premier top of the Jakutis production combo. The Jakutis is turntable manufacturer from Lithuania. It is closely affiliated to Reed and has Reed's legendary quality of craftsmanship.

The table can be used without the 30 inch high stand or with it. The soundwise is similar, just the design and room availability will define the placement.
 The table is 200Lb heavy and made to withhold the nuclear blast. The Italian granite base, the unique designed magnetic bearing isolate any possible vibration or distortion from outside. Even sound waves from speakers brake into solid attitude of Jakutis black Stork. The separate motor and separate controller assures the stability of platter rotation. The adjustable arm base can operate with 9"-12" tonearms. The solid 3 Lb granite composite pack flatten any warp and eliminate vibration as well.
AS I mention the craftsmanship of the table is as close to perfection as it could be. I owned more then 100 high end turntable and this one is the best sounding so far. The performance by the price is absolutely the best.

Shipping is in 3 boxes. Total 250 Lb

New: $15,000

Sell: $4,500
Graham Robin Tonearm                                                                                               SOLD

Graham Engineering Robin Tonearm in 9.5 inch length. The arm comes with original cable, original headshell and upgraded headshell leads. I believe these are Hitachi litz wires.

The arm, shell and cables are in perfect operational and cosmetic condition.

Shipping inside USA is $15
Shipping anywhere in the world $37

Rega RB 2500 tonearm with upgraded Descadel cables

Rega RB 250 tonearm in 9 inch length with upgraded $350 Discadel cables. The arm, cables are in perfect operational and cosmetic condition.

Shipping inside USA is $15
Shipping anywhere in the world $37

Sell: $250
Grace G-707 Quad-master tonearm

Grace G-707 Quad-master tonearm in 9 inch length with box and cables. The arm, box and cables are in perfect operational and cosmetic condition.
Shipping inside USA is $15
Shipping anywhere in the world $37

Sell: $300
Kiseki tonearm                                                                                                             SOLD

Very rare Kiseki tonearm in 9 inch length.  The arm is in good operational and cosmetic condition.
Shipping inside USA is $15
Shipping anywhere in the world $37

Sell: $300
Aidas AS-1 AC phono preamplifier  direct drive

Very rare and thought after Aidas AS-1AC phono preamplifier. This is unique piece- It could be used as step up and plugged straight into Line stage or it could be connected directly to the power amplifier. This is amazingly sounding phono stage with 0 background and gain 50.
The phono preamp comes with power supply and could be adopted to USA or Europe voltage.
 Both units are in perfect operational and cosmetic condition.


This phono preamp is good for any MC cartridge and any preamp bypass MM correction. High grade audio component, ultra low noise -93dB down.
All resistors precision metal film Dale, IRC 1% military,  capacitors in the signal and RIAA correction path - EROMAK-1 series, ERO ,Silver Mica.
For supply bipolar Frolyt EKSU series shunted Wima MKS4 series-5%.  
Professional precision  OPA4227PA Quad Low noise ultra low THD OpAmp Pro audio.
Step up transformers matched pair 1950s Vortexion, MU metal screening cans, high gain 1 : 50 step up ratio. They sound simply stunning and very warm.
Primary winding  0.92 ohms, secondary 900 ohms.
To load impedance from 10ohms to 5 kohms designed 21 stepped DACT type attenuator-potentiometer.
Gain - 62dB.
Power supply voltage MC preamlifier - DC voltage 18-24. Equipped with power supply of  AC -230 volts at DC-18 volts. 
​Weight : 7 Lb or 3.5kg

Shipping inside USA is $30
 Shipping anywhere in the world $65

Sell $750
Graft / Micro Seiki carbon fibre 13 inch tonearm Descadel wires 

 The arm was fitted on my table directly to RCA plugs I can use cables of my choice. I purchased the arm for Italian custom MONOlite table 5 years ago and used it in and out for at least half a year. Out of the closet and quite dusty as you can see. The table is gone and no need for arm now. 

 The arm is great tracker, very quiet and has sound stage weder than any of the arms I've heard. When I first installed it I got the impression that some of the instruments are playing on my balcony and in a hallway. I actually experimented opening the balcony and close to see how it changes the sounds.
I have box, but no base or papers or original cable. 

 Sell: $975

Shipping inside USA is $30
 Shipping anywhere in the world $65

Moscode Super It phono preamplifier. Adjustable 72 gain

I have rare Moscode Super It phono preamplifier for sale. The preamp has direct pass and lot's of room for upgrade if wanted. Mr. George Kaye of Moscode, NY still service these and helps with all possible issues. So far I have none. It plays well and sounds amazing. Well in line with 2-3K phonos I have at home to try.

The preamp is easy to adjust to various cartridge loading. You can go with 10,22,120, 100 Ohms or 47 kOhms as your cartridges manufacturer suggest.

The preamp is 5 years old and 4 years lays down in my analog stash room along with other 800 items.

Sell: $425

Paypal, checks, money orders. Paypal fees are 3%.

Shipping $15 USA, Europe $33, Asia $35. Shipping to Canada is $31

Shipping to Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil- only with USPS Express $63 with signature- post brutal there